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Tempos is a book composed on the poem Rubaiyat III, of Omar Khayyām and the Red Book, such poem was originally written between 1048 - 1131, but had its first publication in 1868, in which it was translated by the English Author Edward Fitzgerald.

The main story is a narrative that talks about time and how we digest it. It is basically a book of reflection with the graphic and mood style inspired by the musical movement Lo-Fi hip hop, In which the illustrations of this movement seek to portray the daily life of people, from small actions to introspective reflections. 

The illustration technique used was the manual and later it was passed to the computer where it was digitally painted in the Adobe Photoshop program.

This project was develop in partnership with Faísca Gerador, an initiative from Lisbon to teach and inspire students to find their own illustration techinque. As the winner of the best projects developed along the course, I had this opportunity to transform my ideias and feeling in a printed book. 



The Lo-fi Hip hop inspiration

We are bombarded by information all the time, we are social beings that formerly had our values built around our community. We live in an age where we have never been more human, but at the same time, we are increasingly alone and mentally ill.


Lofi HipHop talks about it. But a subtle and even melancholy form. If we rely on what is popular to choose our music tastes, we will never open our eyes, that it's, who we are, new things, we will consume what we desire, large groups of people, let's ignore people like you, who had a great sensitivity and a Forever different from human reality, when our tastes are shaped by influences from other people, and this is extremely dangerous. 



This mixed feelings of feeling life going or times going by and we be still, watching all passing thru. Time, friends, loves, family. For my book i tried to show how a girl was feeling and thinking when she kinda didn't love a men as much as he did, and afterwards she got regretted. Lo-fi hip hop is deeply showed on faceless people and emotions on my art.


Drawing process

The creative process has started when a challenge came up to. Illustrate a narrative surround the word "Alert". This was the first input about how i should represent this situation without being cliché. During my design process I usually listen to a lot of Lo-fi Hip hop, not only the beats but the sound on backgrounds make me relaxing and kinda inspire me to see and to actually represent my life or what i'm feeling at the time. 

At the time of this project I was working on a lot of projects at the same time and, I kinda felt lost on myself. Didn't know what should i draw, and how could i represent emotions and deeps thoughts of the character.



First at all, i drew some sketches on my Moleskine, some really initial ideas of what could be soon. I like to the hoe women are sensitive, not because their gender, but because all my female friend always show a lot of empathy and kindness when i got a problem and have to talk to someone. This was why i i've chosen a girl as the main character. Besides all this emotions, I also think woman body and gestures as pretty easy to represent and identify emotions.

After having my sketches I've scanned all of it and painted on Photoshop using some nice brushes that i have on my library and adding some textures as well.


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